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A strong brand identity doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not as simple as picking a few colors and putting up a logo. Creating a powerful brand required a strategic approach that involves problem-solving, deep thinking and a team with strong communication skills and exceptionally strong execution skills.

With the right guidance, approach, and patience one can produce a truly great brand identity. This approach usually goes with every business be it an online business or any other business. The whole purpose of creating a brand identity is to create a unique personality and establish a position in the market to attract the right customers.

So let’s take a deep dive into creating a powerful brand.


Brand identity is what people think of a brand when they hear its name. Brand awareness is simply making people aware of your brand, establishing your existence.

So, if brand awareness is making noise about a brand, then brand identity is the content of that noise.

Brand identity is the way to communicate with the world, resonate with the people. Creating an experience for the people to which they can relate. Companies like Apple, LEGO, Levi’s have taken their brand identity to the next level and they have transformed themselves into art. And you know what happens with art, it sells.

So, concentration on both brand identity as well as brand awareness will be truly beneficial as you would be able to measure what feed your consumers or general audience are appreciating.

If you are a company or an individual you need to craft a strong brand identity with better communication and surely you will be here for the long term.

Remember, Emotion sells not Logic!


Identifying your audience and tailoring your mission to establish better communication with them is the best possible way. Aim to create campaigns for your consumers where you are solving their problems.

You can filter out your audience on the basis of demographics to understand them better. It’s crucial that you keep in mind what your brand can be compared to your competitors, how your consumers perceive and how you present.


You should know who you want to cater to. Companies that have a laser-like focus on their audience will inevitably have more success as they won’t chase something that doesn’t fit their business.

You would have to conduct extensive research across the board and identify the segments where you can serve the best.

Ultimately, building a powerful brand comes down to the willingness to let go of the wider audience and focus on the target.


Whatever you create, it should effectively communicate about who you are. Often times people misinterpret that brand identity is what a brand wants to present, that’s not totally wrong but one needs to keep in mind that you create what your customers want to engage with.

A brand should tell a story that people can buy. Your brand’s beliefs and what it stands for will create an emotional connection with your audience.

Red Bull is a great example here, it creates ads about pushing your life to the limits, not the drink itself. This message speaks to the consumer on an emotional level further creating a fantastic memory.


This step is where your brand identity takes physical shape. This is where all the above elements will come together and transform into a masterpiece providing the best experience possible.

Following are the pillars:

-Your Website



-Print or Digital Media

If you want to create a brand you need to make sure that you are consistent with your branding. IN this digital age, there are companies being made and diluted within seconds, to make sure you do not lose any opportunity for engaging with your potential customers. Push out content on a consistent basis which resonates with your audience.

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